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Colin Dunne

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Deepest sympathy for Colin Dunne.

Collin Dunne died suddenly on Sunday 1st March 09, while doing what he loved, competing in sport while fundraising for others. Deepest sympathy of Killeigh Parish is extended to his parents Tom and Bernie, his sister Ciara, his relatives and friends and especially to his fiancé Yvonne. Colin has been a teacher in Killeigh school for the past six years.

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Colin is wearing the vest number ending xx58.

The Board of Management and Staff of Killeigh School have issued the following statement:-

Our colleague and friend Colin Dunne died yesterday morning while taking part in a Marathon in Barcelona in aid of charity.

He will be sadly missed by his friends and colleagues, Killeigh NS parents, the community and especially by the children he taught with dedication and love.

Colin was an exceptional and inspirational teacher, a wonderful colleague and a dedicated member of staff. He was popular with everybody fortunate enough to have known him. He was a keen sportsman excelling in particular at Hurling and Football. He gave of his time freely and generously to sports and many other extra curricular activities.

Colin died as he lived, sharing his time and talents for the benefit of others.

Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with his parents Tom and Bernie, his sister Ciara, his fiancé Yvonne, his Grandparents, relatives and friends.

May he Rest in Peace.

Mass for Colin was celebrated in Killeigh by the whole school community Wednesday 4th March 2009 at 10.00 am.

The following is the tribute of Mr.Damian White, school principal to Colin Dunne

My earliest childhood memory involves waiting for the milkman to return our milk cans after the daily delivery to the creamery. I had a trolley to bring in these empty churns one by one, made from the remains of an old lawnmower. You could set your clock by the milkman's return – 4.30 each day. He enjoyed watching me at my daily chore and our exchange each evening was always good fun. He was a small man, hard working and very witty. When Moss Dunne's grandson came to work in Killeigh National School many years later, I had a good idea of the type of person we were getting. Lessons learned early are often the most easily retained.

Colin Dunne has been a master of the craft of teaching every day of his 6 years with us. In Colin's care, children learned for love and never for fear. Every lesson was taught with empathy, compassion and freedom to express. As a coach to our school teams, he had a wonderful way of getting the best out of children without ever once being cross or upset at their mistakes. When I at for circle time on Monday with 6th class, I heard child after child say how Colin had given them confidence in themselves and how they wanted to keep playing for him.

His classroom was always as oasis of calm, along with beautiful displays of children's work and as neat as a pin. In fact the first time I ever saw his desk messy was after I had spent a few hours there yesterday.

Colin often told me that what inspired him to consider a career in teaching was the year he spent in 6th class in Ballinamere School with Larry Fleming. Our children too, have had an inspirational teacher. This current sixth class have had the privilege of having Colin as teacher in their First Holy Communion year and their Confirmation year. I know I will meet some of these children in 10, 20 years time and they will tell me that something Colin Dunne said or did was the inspiration they needed to fulfil their dreams and destinies.

As work colleagues we will miss our wonderful friend – his wit, his generosity, his calmness, his professionalism. On Monday last, one of our Psychologists asked which staff member Colin was particularly close to. I could only reply that on our staff – everybody was close to Colin.

In the short one act drama that is life – it was a privilege to share the stage for our brief time with Colin. Our Hearts today are with his parents Tom and Bernie, his sister Ciara, his fiancée Yvonne, his Grandparents, his extended family, neighbours and friends and the Carney family who were soon to welcome Colin as one of their own.

In trying to understand the reason why this should happen, the words of one special child in Colin's class make the most sense. After being told by her Mother that Mr Dunne was gone to Heaven, she said 'He is teaching the Angel children now'.

On behalf of everyone at Killeigh National School can I say – these are privileged Angel Children.

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