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Fr Seán Dempsey

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Fr Seán Dempsey, celebrated his Golden Jubilee in St Joseph's Ballinagar, on Friday 13 September 2013


Fr. Sean Dempsey's Mission in Uganda

Letter from Fr. Seán Dempsey reads:-
Dear Father & Fellow Parishioners,
What a wonderful response you made to the appeal for my mission of Burringa, Uganda. It is a new mission and there is so much to be done.
With your generous help you have given us the green light to go ahead with the work.
It is great, that the Parish I grew up in, hasn't forgotten me and the work of the Missionary Church.
The swallows have returned to Africa and I am following them very soon.
Myself & the people I work with will keep you always in our prayers. May God bless you all and keep you in good health.

€1739.50 was donated to his missionary work at Masses last week-end of October 2010.

Some of the 22 schools your donations are helping build in Burunga in Uganda:-

Some of the 6 Churches you have helped build in Uganda:-

Rushere Catholic Parish
PO BOX 9, Rushere
Kiruhura district
Dear Fr. Stapleton and Parishioners of Killeigh, Ballinagar and Raheen.
In the midst of my labours here in Rushere I was presently surprised and delighted to receive from Fr. Vincent and Edward (my grand nephew) the generous sum of 2,140 Euros for the development of this area. As it is not easy to make ends meet your contributions are a great boost for our work. It will help us in part to maintain the schools, travelling and to start the building of churches.
Our parish is vast, 3,500sq km. It has 84 centres. Most with a church school made in brick or built with poles and mud, which unfortunately are being eaten by the termites. I am stationed here in Burunga, one of the six sub parishes. There are twenty-four centres each with a church school of sorts. We hope soon to develop four schools into full primary ones. The teacher's salaries meagre as they are, are paid by the fees of the pupil. The wet season is upon us and at times travelling is difficult and some centres can't be reached. I am here working in your name as I was baptized in Ballinagar, made my first Communion in Raheen and was confirmed in Killeigh by Bishop Keogh and said my first mass in Ballinagar on the 28 of July 1963. Thus I am your ambassador here. I am 72 years of age with aches and pains but continue this work of evangelization and human promotion, knowing that you are backing me with your good wishes, prayer and financial contributions. I will ask the Christians to pray for you.
All good wishes and blessings from Rushere.
Yours sincerely,
Fr Scan Dempsey MCCJ

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